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Sex Offender Project

The first ever documentary about sex offenders as they transition from prison and back into communities.

Linda Wolfe

in post-production

When convicted sex offenders serve their time and get out of prison, where should they live?  Many of us think: “Not in my neighborhood,” “let him rot in a cell,” or even “castrate him – he deserves it.”  Despite these common sentiments, 95% of sex offenders serve their time and get out of prison.  The question is: where should they go?

Sex Offender Project is the first-ever feature length documentary following sex offenders as they transition out of prison and into an apartment building that houses more offenders under one roof than anywhere else in the world.  We follow multiple offenders from Washington State through their last days of treatment and their re-entry into society, one perilous landlady who agrees to rent to offenders, and the team of Corrections specialists tasked with keeping the men and one woman in line.  The offenders struggle to balance parole, therapy, mandatory lie-detector tests, finding employment and permanent housing, and avoiding triggers that could push them to re-offend – all while citizens across the state say “we don’t want you - not in our neighborhoods.”

This film is a sponsored project of the International Documentary Association.

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