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When Medicine Got It Wrong

in partnership with imageReal Pictures, LLC
When Medicine Got It Wrong
In 1970's California, a small group of parents rebelled against being blamed for causing schizophrenia. Their activism initiated a nationwide movement, uniting fellow families to fight for better treatment and prompting worldwide changes in psychiatry's understanding of the disease.

When Medicine Got it Wrong gives voice to the original set of families who took on California's fractured mental health system in the 1970s. Their stories expose the dark roots of today's problems with rampant homelessness and incarceration among people who suffer from severe and untreated mental illnesses.

This film is the 2007 winner of the California Council for the Humanities Documentary Grant and an ITVS LINCS grant. It is also produced in collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – www.nami.org, KQED San Francisco, and the International Documentary Association. read more >

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