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Sex Offender Project

fiscally sponsored project by the International
Documentary Association

Sex Offender Doc
This as yet untitled project is the first-ever feature length documentary film about convicted sex offenders transitioning out of prison and back into communities. We follow multiple offenders from Washington State through their last days of treatment and their re-entry into society, one perilous landlord who agrees to rent to offenders, and the team of Corrections specialists tasked with keeping the men and women in line. The offenders struggle to balance parole, therapy, mandatory lie-detector tests, finding employment and permanent housing, and avoiding triggers that could push them to re-offend – all while citizens across the state say “we don’t want you - not in our neighborhoods.”
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When Medicine Got It Wrong
in partnership with imageReal Pictures, LLC
When Medicine Got It Wrong
In 1970's California, a small group of parents rebelled against being blamed for causing schizophrenia. Their activism initiated a nationwide movement, uniting fellow families to fight for better treatment and prompting worldwide changes in psychiatry's understanding of the disease.

This film is the 2007 winner of the California Council for the Humanities Documentary Grant.read more >

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Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose
is an hour-long documentary currently in production about a young woman forced to make a terrible decision to survive. Erica, a veterinarian, suffers from a rare form of bone cancer and makes the risky decision to have her arm amputated. "I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain," she says. "Taking my arm could save my life. I don't know how I'll do it, but I'll do it." The film follows her over two years as she struggles with survival, self-esteem, and unfathomable physical transformation.


Slender Existence

Slender Existence
is the first-ever personal film about surviving anorexia nervosa. Filmmaker Laura Murray interweaves her own fractured recollections of starvation with those of her family and closest high school friend - all of whom rally to her support. This intimate and touching self-portrait shows a family dealing with a child's eating disorder - and that child growing into a healthy adult.read more >

Winner of a Student Academy Award.

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